Alexandria – Interview

Alexandria is the latest chicks that joined the girls out west family. Alexandria was a bit shy at first but after we talked with her for a while she didn’t have any problem taking off her clothes and continuing her interview completely naked. She heard about us from some of her friends and after her friends convinced her, she paid us a visit. The hot teen was a bit shy and that’s why everyone insisted that she came here, to be more confident and to take her out of her shell.

The sexy teen started the interview fully dressed and, like we said earlier, she started losing them one by one as she gained a bit more confidence. The truth is that she looks amazing both ways, with or without clothes on her. She tried covering her perky tits but we still got some really good shots of them. Alexandria answered us a few questions about herself, her hobbies and her preferences, just to give us an idea of what she’s willing to do. We wouldn’t want to push her to do anything that she isn’t ok with. Surprisingly although Alexandria seemed quite shy she was pretty open minded sexually and she tried a lot of things, so in the next one, we are going to see her doing a lot more that posing. This was all for today but make sure you return for more updates!

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