Rowan Stripping

Rowan loves playing Wii tennis but in today’s girls out west video things went a bit overboard. The hot girl ended up stripping and showing off her curves and by the end of the game, she was completely naked. She had some friends over yesterday and everyone knew how much she loves playing so they made it a bit more interesting for all of them.

For each lost point, she had to take off a clothing item. Rowan is a pretty good player, but her guy friends are way better than her and she knew it, but she hoped that no one would actually care about the rules of the game.  Besides, she couldn’t turn down a bet or a challenge and the guys knew just the right way to push her buttons and make her lose. She did her best but after a while, she started undressing starting with her tiny t-shirt. Things were ok until she ended up in her swim suit and this was the last point of the game. Things didn’t work out for her because she lost it so she had to strip off. Rowan wasn’t shy at all in front of the camera and she gave us a preview off her goods, especially at those big tits. Check out the entire picture gallery and the video below and don’t forget to get back for more steamy girlsoutwest updates!

Enjoy watching Rowan flaunting her hot curves!