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Last updated: March 3rd, 2017

Hey there, we are back like we promised! In today’s video, we got two athletic girls out west for you guys. These two girls turned their working out session in a pussy licking session. Their workout out session ended up being a lesbian fuck fest entirely. The trainer started it all when she started getting all touchy with her client, the sexy teen. They were doing some exercises on the mattress and after all that stretching and touching it happened. She was waiting for the right time to make a move on her and today seemed the right day to so that.

The sexy blonde trainer started making out with the sexy teen. There was a sexual tension between them and everyone could feel it. They had the gym just for themselves knowing that no one was going to bother them, so they took all the time they needed to please one another. After all those exercises, flexibility was the key in their girl on girl encounter. They started playing with one another’s tits while undressing. Once the blonde saw her pussy she spent some time down there eating her juicy pussy out. These chicks out west did it again and they never stop surprising us with their encounters. The girls have an amazing scene for you guys and you can check it out below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more nasty girls!

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